Water Soluble Massage Oil (Unscented)

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Water Soluble Massage Oil (Unscented)

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A water-soluble massage oil containing rosehip oil that has skin-beautifying effects.

Low price & high quality Natural Beauty Selection series water-soluble massage oil (unscented type).
Recommended for both facial and body massage oil.

Water-soluble oil is a smooth oil that can be easily washed off with water, made by emulsifying water and oil.
It is easy to use and reduces the burden on the operator.
A high-quality mineral oil base that is also used for baby massage is blended with caninabara fruit oil, which is effective in beautifying the skin.
It doesn't penetrate, so it glides well and leaves a clean finish even after wiping off.

3 benefits of water-soluble massage oil

1. Easy to wash off with water
When oil adheres to towels and clothes, it is difficult to wash off with water, and many salons are suffering from an oxidized odor due to oxidation of the oil remaining on the fibers.
The water-soluble oil can be easily removed by washing with water, so the towel will last longer without leaving any oil on the fibers.

2. Easy to wipe off and not sticky
After wiping off, the customer's skin and the hands of the practitioner are smooth without leaving any stickiness, so the immediate treatment will not cause any discomfort.
In addition, it contains caninabara fruit oil (skin-beautifying ingredient) to keep your skin moisturized after wiping.

3. Easy to clean the bed and esthetic room Even
if it adheres to the bed, floor, wagon, etc., it can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth, making it easy to clean.
You can keep the salon clean.

【how to use】

Apply an appropriate amount to your skin and massage while blending.
Then gently wipe off or wash off with water or lukewarm water.

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