N-3 Wagon II (Completely Assembled) 7 Tier Type Brown

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A Japanese-made 7-drawer wagon with a durable and luxurious powder-coated frame and easy-to-clean casters

Powder-coated frame
Powder coating is strong, chemical-resistant, corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant, and heat-resistant, so it is less susceptible to rust and scratches than plating or regular paint. It is also used overseas to express the beautiful bodies of luxury cars.
A powder-coated wagon is ideal for beauty salons that use a wide variety of cosmetics such as colorants, oils, and chemicals.

A total of 7 drawers including the top board and plenty of storage space
There are 6 trays in total to store many salon work necessities such as colorants, rods, towels, bowls, and cotton. From the tray just below the top board to the tray just above the bottom board is a drawer with a stopper, and the bottom board is a slightly tall mesh tray that makes it easy to store towels.

Easy-to-clean casters
The casters can be easily removed to easily remove tangled hair and dust, so you can always use it comfortably.

Convenient color tray and side rack included
Comes with one removable divider tray that is convenient for storing rods, and one side rack that is convenient for storing hairspray, cosmetics, styling products, etc.

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