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Great deal for our most popular standard size product! With a front opening.
Size: W350 x D275 x H250mm
Internal Size: W270 x D195 x H140mm
Storage capacity: 30 - 40 Hand Towels.

Key Point:

1. 2M Power Cable
2. Drop Down Door
3. Fit 30-40 Towels
1 year warranty


■Size: W350 × D275 × H250mm
■Internal size: W270 × D195 × H140mm ■ Weight :
approx . ■Power consumption: 130W  ■Inside temperature: 65-75 degrees (at the time of power supply ON)

Towel warmer for small salons at the lowest price in Japan (front opening)

30-40 hand towels and 10-12 face towels can be stored.
This size is recommended for small-scale salons (beauty and relaxation salons: an average of 5 visitors per day) (beauty salons: 1 to 5 set surfaces).
With a simple design that gives a clean impression, it can be used in a wide range of business categories such as beauty salons, beauty salons, and nail salons.

Recommended point

■ Compact size
that can be used anywhere Because of its compact design of W350 x D275mm, it can be installed without feeling oppressive even in salons where space is limited.
It has ample storage capacity and is extremely easy to use.

■Easy-to-use front-opening type Front-opening type
where the door opens from top to bottom.
You can use it without stress even if there are obstacles such as shelves and walls.
You can take it out from either the left or right side, so you don't have to worry about where to put it.

■Structure that is easy to care
for Equipped with a removable drain tray to keep the inside clean.
You can easily drain the water that collects below.
In addition, the stainless steel wire mesh tray makes it easy to wipe off dirt.

■It is with guarantee for one year of relief By any
chance, when there is trouble and malfunction, it is with guarantee for one year of relief.

Cumulative sales exceeded 140,000 units! (as of January 2022)

Thanks to the overwhelming patronage of our customers, the cumulative sales of our original towel warmers have exceeded 140,000 units! It is proof of the reliability of this product!

With safety certification "PSE mark"

■ "PSE Mark" is
a safety certification mark affixed to electrical products that meet safety standards under strict inspection based on the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.
Our electrical products are inspected for conformance by a domestic certified inspection agency, and the PSE mark is affixed to products that have cleared Japanese technical and safety standards.

*Pay attention to the PSE mark. *
The strict inspections stipulated by the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law are strictly voluntary, and the PSE mark is displayed only to show that the duty has been fulfilled. .
Therefore, "Displaying the PSE mark does not mean that safety is guaranteed."

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