Guide To Giving A Professional Facial Treatment & The Beauty Products To Use

Guide To Giving A Professional Facial Treatment & The Beauty Products To Use

Facials are among the most popular beauty treatments and a relaxing way to create radiant, beautiful complexions. Known to reduce signs of stress and ageing on the skin, being pampered by a beautician is a restorative experience that many make the effort to include into their beauty routine. But what are the essential steps to providing your customers with an effective and rejuvenating facial? Beauty Garage is a leading supplier of beauty products and spa supplies in Singapore, and we’ve put together this guide on how you can ensure a satisfactory facial for your customers. 

Help your customer understand what to expect

The first step lies in understanding what your customers hope to achieve from their facial. Take the time to learn about their skin type, and have a questionnaire prepared so you have a working knowledge of their lifestyles and diet - all of which could have an impact on their skin. Extraction is also a key step in the facial process, therefore, discussing the extraction procedure with them to find out their tolerance level will aid in customer preparedness and comfort. That said, it is vital to note that some skin types might be too sensitive and may not benefit from this process. 

Wrap your customer’s hair

Once your customer has settled in, allow them some time to get changed. Afterwhich, wrap your customer’s hair with a fresh towel or a wide headband. Avoid wrapping the hair too tightly or loosely - too tight and this might cause a headache, negating the comfort they should be feeling throughout; too loosely, and water or beauty products used could get into your customer’s hair. Ensure optimal hygiene levels by washing the wraps after each use.

Cleanse and choose appropriate products

Beauty Products Singapore Cleanse and choose appropriate products

The next step involves cleansing the skin. This can be done with small cotton pads and an appropriate cleanser based on your analysis. Using a bright light with a built-in magnifying glass, you can better analyse your customer’s skin type. Remember to have your customer’s eyes covered before doing so. Check for blackheads, age spots, or dehydration of the skin during this part of the procedure. 

Choose the best beauty products like MT Metatron for your customer’s needs after the analysis is complete. Keep in mind your customer’s skincare goals and any sensitivities they might have.


Exfoliating is an essential step to slough away dead skin cells and dirt that have built up on skin, and allows for better absorption of products. Exfoliants range from being mechanical, chemical, or both. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions during use, and observe your customer to make sure there isn’t any discomfort.

Beauty Device

There are many benefits that you can get from investing in spa equipment for your salon. A host of devices, machines, and equipment are designed to enhance services and provide treatments that produce effective and lasting results for your customers. One of which would be the TUFT Chromomist With Ozone machine which utilises high frequency ultrasonic mist, providing negative ions to help skin feel fresh and moisturised through the absorption of active ingredients. Alternatively, the Quattro Burst Cavi Premier beauty device would be great for both facial and slimming purposes.


Beauty Products Singapore Massage

Light massages can help to improve product absorption and encourage blood flow. Apply light pressure using your fingertips, moving slowly towards the ears. You may also move your fingers in a circular motion to stimulate skin for a healthy glow.

Apply a mask

Beauty Products Singapore Apply a mask

Facial masks come in different consistencies and formulas, and are typically applied toward the end of the treatment. This acts as a crucial step to lock in all the benefits from the products used and to rejuvenate the skin. Apply the facial mask with a soft fan brush starting from the collarbone or neck area, and slide up towards the face in long relaxing strokes. Consider Lovely Skin Pack’s Soft Mask Powder that helps to enhance moisture levels in the skin, and is free of harmful chemicals. 

Moisturise and protect 

Moisturisers help restore the skin barrier, which is why they are applied as the last step of a professional facial treatment. This is followed by sunscreen with a minimum of an SPF 30 to provide your customers with ample protection against UV rays. Toners, serums, essences, and vitamins can also be used before moisturiser. MT Metatron assist in addressing skincare concerns your customer might have such as pigmentation or wrinkles. 

Before your customer leaves, give them advice on how to take care of their skin. Sharing your expert knowledge to maintain the best results will have them coming back to you the next time they’re in need of a facial treatment.

Beauty Garage carries a wide range of beauty products that are designed for professional use and meant for optimal results. Get in touch with our team for more information!

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